About Us

EMES (pronounced “Em-Ess”) means “truth.” At EMES, we believe that each human is unique; our singularities are the foundation for our dynamic energy and personal integrity. Recognizing difference and originality is paramount to personal fulfillment, and your spirit deserves celebration.

Discover your truth. Discover your EMES.

At EMES, we boast the largest prestigious selection of 100% pure essential oils on the market-and the best part is-they combine.  All our oils can be used as a topical applicant, in a diffuser or be converted into an alcohol based spray. Don’t settle for conventional scents that may dilute or add other oils. Find your EMES and enjoy the entirely unique, unexpected combination that’s tailored to you.

Give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Find your EMES. Find your Truth.